EG Tatweer

Eng . Hatem Salah

Co-founder Tatweer, Board Member and Chief expert of the group

Expert and Co-founder of the Egyptian Development Group Over 25 years of experience in the field of UPVC manufacturing.


Eng . Hatem Salah

Co-founder Tatweer, Board Member and Chief expert of the group

For the past 25 years, Hatem Salah has played a pivotal role as a co-founder, board member, and senior expert in the Egyptian Tatweer Group. The group’s foundation and initial core were established through the collective expertise of its founders, acquired across diverse local markets in Egypt, the Arab world, and global markets in Germany and Turkey.

These extensive experiences have profoundly influenced the diversification of ideas, solutions, and cultural perspectives. This, in turn, has paved the way for continuous innovation and development—a commitment that defines the ethos of the Egyptian Tatweer Group.

In addition to its corporate mission, the group upholds its social responsibility by providing comprehensive support to industrial and commercial entities operating in the UPVC sector throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt. This commitment has significantly enriched the Egyptian market, catalyzing greater diversity and excellence in the doors and windows industry.

To our valued clients, we affirm our unwavering dedication to our mission and vision for the future of the UPVC industry. We remain steadfast in expanding the notion of high-quality, cost-effective windows.

Dr Momen Elsawy

CEO Group

Ph.D. researcher in Administrative and Social Sciences at Alexandria University, specializing in developing managerial skills. Entrepreneur and consultant for numerous local and international companies.


The value system we believe in—sustainability in the labor market and continuous development—has been the driving force behind our success over the past two decades. Throughout my twenty years of experience within our group, I take pride in what we have achieved.

By the grace of God and our steadfast adherence to our principles, we have not only attained leadership in our field but have also carved a competitive space in the Egyptian and Arab markets. We actively support those who value collaboration and contribute to the industry.

Our dedicated team is the cornerstone of our company, and our commitment to continuous education and development is the primary reason for the success of our Egyptian Tatweer Group. The ongoing evolution, seamless transition of leadership, and provision of growth opportunities have bestowed upon us a state of flexibility and sustainability since our inception.

Our sense of responsibility has driven us to make significant and diverse contributions, collaborating with emerging companies and talents. Whether by providing an incubator to support their entry into the field or forming partnerships with major corporations and brands, our aim is to achieve growth and expansion.

We remain open and dedicated to supporting the Egyptian and Arab markets with highly efficient and effective talents, whether they have worked directly with us or drawn inspiration from our experience. Our business strategies hinge on integration, diversity, abundance, and expansion. We steadfastly adhere to quality in our products and operations, ensuring stability, continuity, and security for our valued customers.

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