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  • Machine Name: cleaning Machine
    Country: Turkey
    Code:KT 004
    Technical Specifications :
    – 4 blades can be fitted to the machine
    – Pneumatic move,
    – automatic running system
    – Blade selection is done via the buttons on the control panel
    – Removing blades for 4 separate automatic blade profile feature selection process Upper and lower surfaces of the profile in a single cleaning operation and the cleaning operation is performed outside corners Feature automatically return to the starting point of the process The outer corner of the upper and lower surface cleaning cleaning process allows the individual the opportunity to make Corner profile properly centering system has to be cleaned Engine speed and surface cleaning can be adjustable.
    – Cleaning the surface with a special scraper blade design group is easily adjustable depth
    – Machine interior lighting is available PLC control system Voltage protection relay protects the system

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KT 004

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